Sunday, July 7, 2013

My gorgeous sister. My best friend. A beautiful person.
There's desert dust in my veins.
Prickly pear in my heart.
The reflection of grey mountains in my eyes.

The Arizona sun has burned something into me.
A jackrabbit soul.
The fiber of who I've become and who I have grown to be is somewhere rooted in the uncultivated wild.
Bones of rammed earth.
A mind of hot pink sunsets.

My hands write stories of where I've bloomed.
I see that now...
and I feel thankful. 

And so I will be that.

I will be a woman of the wild desert.
I will represent that land that I've looked at for so long as something less than what I've understood beautiful to be.
...and I will treasure it.

And deep down, on the bottom of the feet of my soul, there will always be grass stains.
My east coast existence. 
My beginning.


  1. wow wow wow
    full of magic

    almost makes me want to be a wild woman of the desert
    I have to say my heart belongs to the ocean, forests and mountains of where I live

    but that aside
    your craft is so special

    love and light

    1. My heart is there too...
      forests and oceans..
      Isn't it funny where and what we become parts of?

      Such beautiful things that the world makes that we feel so connected to and alive in?

      I love that.

  2. you make me love the desert.
    but, i'm a high mountain snow-loving alpine hinterland sort of girl....
    and i wear your bits and pieces to show them off to the north country.

    * LOVE *

  3. egads woman, you have stolen my heart!!! (hello, skygypsy here, found your beautiful blog via flickr :) )

    I have been sitting here 20 min plotting on how I could possibly buy this incredible piece... but it would take me many months LOL

    I am absolutely loving your new series, you inspire me to keep after my dream to build my own jewelry studio in my home...

    will write you more later, I'm not quite awake yet and must get myself moving to work. will be thinking of this piece all day methinks... some beauty and faith to get me through a monday after a week off :) love you, beauty <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much Vicki, your comment completely made my day.
      I'm so glad that I can inspire, but I am so inspired by all of you as well.

      I hope you get that studio you want... my has been slowly built over 6 years now and every time I add something I think... this is so worth it.


  4. Oh! Oh my little Ashley Weber, succulent sister of the sweet sweet desert.
    Your heart just spilled out like jumping cholla. like the nectar of a saguaro flower.
    I may live in sage, tall grasses and red butte canyons, but, everyone knows,
    i've got a road runner soul. I am prone to hug cactus trees. I daydream constantly of the desert.
    Someday, we will trade places. You in the silver moonbeam, and me, entwined in ocotillo watching the sun go down.
    The sand dollar necklace, arrow stamped, is my all time favorite of yours.
    Except for my "Fly" bracelet!!
    So happy you came into our world!!!

    1. One day, lovely lady..
      One day.

      I am currently visiting CO and my heart is in a dream.
      I'm so happy I came into your world as well.
      I'm SO happy that you love your bangle.

      One day! :)

  5. It has been way too long since I have been here. This past month has been a particularly hard one for my Prescott family. But, I am moving forward and your work, your wild desert heart and this newest piece has sent me stag leaping across my soggy monsoon landscape. It is exactly what I needed.
    xoxo Kerry