Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello, Thursday... I thought you were Wednesday.
I'm tired.

Have a lovely day, little aves.
Don't forget to rest your wings.


  1. Ash, these are raw and warrior-like.
    I love, love the lines and arrows. I love arrows!
    My wings are down, and I'm hoping you are resting yours.
    For awhile, anyway.
    I can't decide which ones i want. These, or the ones on your Flickr that I raved about. Hmmm. What'd you think? Save me a pair. I'll fly in anything you make. ;)

    1. Thank you, Lynn.
      I was going for warrior. You know I love that "hanna" thought of life.
      I think you should stay tuned, I've got a lotta good arrowy things coming along... Then you can have the first pick of them all :)

  2. Hello Friday, I am both relieved and surprised!
    Be well, you beauty. Give yourself some time to bask in the beauty you've created.

  3. rest well, little silver warrior.
    there's only one *you*….