Monday, October 28, 2013


I've been dying to show you.

A custom for an awesome woman, from her girlfriend, on her birthday.
I'm just in love with it.
It was a lot of back and forth- a lot of funky sketches on my end- tons of emails (the customer is in London)- and one very, VERY long day in the studio.
And the best part? It wasn't supposed to arrive until the day after her birthday, but it showed up today.
A birthday miracle!

I can now sigh in relief that I have finally been able to share it here.

Happy Birthday, Dondee.



  1. It is oh so gorgeous! Plus I love it when you show us your process. Beautiful work Ashley. <3

  2. wow.
    so perfect.
    and the love between two friends. perfect THAT, too.

    well-done, sweet ash. well-done.

  3. Ashley, I just love LOVE everything you make. So profound AND simple; rugged AND soft. Everything. Big Love. Kerry

  4. ummmmmm

    you can be proud
    love and light

  5. Such a cheerful flock of birds on a wire! One of them is you, isn't it?
    You are a master at telling a story in silver. This bracelet is stunning & sweet.
    That other bird in London must be flying high right now. ;)