Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I've woke up the past two mornings to "real" rain.
In the desert, "real rain," is steady rain. Soaking rain.
Rain that last longer than 5 minutes, rain.

It was glorious.
It was stop-everything-you're-doing-to-enjoy-it worthy.

I spent those two mornings in silence.
I spent them with coffee and tea and my typical plate of poached eggs and avacado.
I spent every moment watching. Listening. Breathing.
I sketched.
I put my house plants out for a perfect drink of it.
I enjoyed.
...and that rain lasted hours.
...and that was totally ok. 
It was fantastic.
The rain does something to me that I cannot explain.
It is, with out a doubt, my favorite weather.

On another note- after battling some post-vacation sickness, I drove down to Tucson for a little gem show. I didn't quite find what I was looking for, but when has that ever stopped a girl from coming home with full, gemy pockets?...

Shark teeth, turquoise, arrowhead cut, natural druzies...
You know... gem show stuff.  Fun stuff. Random stuff. Sparkle stuff.

Here's the first go.
I'm kind of in love.

Take it easy this week, birds... enjoy the little things.


  1. With a good, rainy day as your favorite weather, what on this little blue planet are you doing in the desert?
    Glad you took some time to enjoy it.

    1. Sigh... something about family, and a cute boy who loves the desert...
      Originally from Maryland.. but my heart wants Colorado- or Seattle- or something North.
      One day.

  2. the rain definitely holds its own special magic...especially summer rains
    good to be back here...i have missed peeking in on your creative heart

    love and light

  3. so glad you took time to sit in silence while you enjoyed the rain, savouring your eggs and avocado, sipping from a HOLY COYOTE THAT IS SO COOL stepanka mug.

    excuse me whilst i drool over those turquoise stones....

  4. The scent of a desert after the rain. Oh, the glorious rain! It DOES become your favorite kind of weather cause its so sporadic and fleeting.
    I'm digging those crystallized arrowheads and of course the strand o' turquoise. And that ring!!
    If we ever move, I'll sell you the moonbeam digs. Colorado Rocky Mountain high, forever!
    See ya, chickadee.