Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I left my heart there somewhere.
Somewhere in the desert high.
I left my heart with the stars.
An unimaginable umbrella of sequined sky.

I tied it to a balloon, and it sailed astray.
I clipped the string from my ribs.                    
And let it drift for days.

Somewhere in the desert sky.
A moon-blushed turquoise haze.
Somewhere in the desert sky.
My heart had found its way.


  1. So good...The words and the work of your hands. I'm totally in LOVE with that starry texture!

  2. crazy about this Ashley. I think I know how you feel about the high desert sky.

    xoxo Kerry

  3. This is the post that arrived in my email this morning. Your poem touched my heart. You have such a wonderful way with words, I enjoy getting your blog posts in my email. They touch my heart with your lyrical writing style and your the beautiful work of your hands is eye candy for my nubie metal smithining soul. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world!