Friday, August 2, 2013

I have to admit... I have a strong urge to buy anything and everything that comes beautifully packaged.
...And also, pretty much anything lime green. 
I can't help it.
Design school made that desire even stronger.

Sometimes I still wish I had gone into package design.
I just love it.

Naturally, I want to please my customers.
Mostly, I just want them to be happy.
I want them to not only see, but to be able to feel my passion for my work.
I want them to notice the time and the effort.

I want them to get their purchase in the mail and I want them to think, "Wow, this is a treasure."

When I saw these bird boxes the other day, and that little light blub went off in my head that I could use them as packaging, I knew I had to share them.
I am now wrapping my higher end pieces in these babies.
Flying them out.
Hoping that the recipient opens them up, and something glitters inside of them.

Hoping to prove that their investment in me and my work was completely worth it.
Like they have purchased a true gift. 
But, most of all, I just hope...
to make them smile.


  1. wow.
    save one for my druzy....please........


  2. I find my investment in your work entirely worth it, and entirely beautiful. Yes, it makes me smile.

  3. Everything you do is exquisite. From the handmade cards, the "typewriter" quotes, the beautiful writings, the excitement in opening up your boxes...and then squeal! The prize inside!! Yeah!!
    But, what I wanna know is, what's a 'druzy' ? Foxy's getting one, apparently. ;) xx

    1. You are so kind.
      I hope you are well- I'm feeling so distant from everything these days. A little lost in the world of business and prepping.
      A druzy is the fine coating of crystals on a rock fracture surface-- see to the right of my blog page? The blue round piece of rock? Mmmm...