Thursday, August 1, 2013

I cannot believe I haven't shared this with you yet!

A few weeks ago, 1975 called me... and I answered.

Introducing to you, for the first time, The Magic Marshmallow.

 My dreams have come true.
I have been saving and searching...and saving...
Living in Arizona, the chance at my dream Glamper, a vintage Boler Scamp, being right up the road.. well, it just simply does NOT happen.

...but guess what?
2013 is my year, baby.

Wanna take a peak inside?

 If the name painted on the outside didn't give this one away, her insides will tell you, her previous owners were really diggin' the hippie vibe.
Some animal print, a switch board of lights labeled "disco," a few trips to burning man...

But you know what? It's 2013.. and I'm gunna renovate this puppy, bring her up to speed... good thing Mad Men is a popular show or saying that I was going to make her a 1950's mid century modern dreamboat wouldn't exactly sound like an update.

Picture this: Bamboo flooring and cabinetry (I scored a huge, FREE pile of the stuff), mustard yellow, grey, graphic black and white curtains... probably a terrarium somehow- gotta bring those plants in!

I can't wait to share this endeavor with you guys. 

I am beyond excited.


  1. I'm excited to see this take on your personality. Frequent updates, please!

  2. you do realize that I may have to hate you just a little. (in a good way of course!) And your package is going out tomorrow!! WHOOT! WHOOT! I'm a little nervous - hope you like everything!

    1. Hahaha, I understand ;)

      And I will LOVE everything!

  3. i love this.
    i cannot believe this happened into your life.
    i CAN believe this happened into your life.

  4. HOLY COW!!!! I've been wanting one of these forever, or a bus or RV. WOW! GORGEOUS!

  5. Ooh...shhnaazzy! Crushed velvet back seat and those curtains! Dig them curtains!
    I like your ideas. Yes. Mustard and bamboo and black and white. Clean and classy. Like someone I know...;)
    When you're done, hitch up and come out to Colorado! You can park her next to the Silver Moonbeam!
    Are you gong to keep the marshmallow name? I bet you don't. Wild n free. Yeah, that's more like it!
    This is very exciting, Ash.

    1. Ooooo wild and free :)

      I think I will make her a special silver medallion.
      You know me, I cannot bare to keep the Marshmallow sign... but a photo of the original sign will be framed.. inside.. in her new tummy :)

  6. This is amazing! Can't wait to see her all finished up and see what adventures she brings into your life!

    1. Thanks Katie!

      I'm really excited... for years I have been dreaming of a little house we can take on the road.
      It sounds so fabulous.