Saturday, July 20, 2013

Do not waste your time, child.
Wishing a seed to be a tree does not make it grow.

Do not wish- work.

Do not hope- believe.

For the sweat of your brow will gather to a puddle, and when that puddle flows, it will grow to a stream, falling and filling, creating a river.
Manifest that.
Throw a stone into that river and it will continuously ripple.
The effect of your labor.
Your labor a creation not only of desire, but of your belief.

Believe you are a bird, and surely, dear... you will fly.


  1. powerful words.

    i wanna fly. so. i just will....!

  2. Thank you for these words, they are just what I need now! Xo

  3. I'm a wisher & a hoper & a dreamer.
    But, I bet I could fly!!!

    That ring is so cool.