Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time flies.
Sometimes I wonder where the heck it went and how it got there...
High-speed train?
Jet pack?
The DeLorean?

I had a birthday while out of town.
All month my sister was saying, "can you believe it's your last year in your twenties!?"  (It isn't- I turned 28) but every single time she said it I had a choke-up, freak-out-moment and then sighed in relief.  She thought it was hilarious. And she got me every time.
This is where I hashtag my life with: youngersisterproblems.

Along with finally visiting my Grandfather at Arlington Cemetery, I had another request. 
Jimmie Cone for my birthday.

Jimmie Cone is a tiny little ice cream shack, in the heart of my little hometown, in Damascus, Maryland. Been there for 50+ years.
We celebrated everything there.
I loved it wholeheartedly. Granted there were no other choices...
I still love it.

Happy Birthday to me! :)

How can you not love rainbows that you can eat!?
Right, impossible.
I used to ask my mom when people started to look like adults.  (People have always thought me to be far younger than I am).
Her response was 30.
Well Mom, I love you, but you were wrong.
It's 28. One the dot. At the exact minute that the clock strikes twelve. The second the calendar flips.
I see my self now- my hands, my legs, my skin... and think... "shit, it's happened/ing."

The rest of what I remember (of my hometown) ended up presenting itself as a somewhat sad reality- proving the wonderland of life through a child's eyes.
It was better then though. I know that to be true... and the reality is, I'm glad I left while it was in it's prime... while it was still beautiful to me.

I still can't deny missing that almost-claustrophobic, overgrown amount of green though. 
All that colorful plant life, and those big, amazing old trees, that soft cushy grass- all makes me so happy.

So perfectly natural.


  1. you beautiful woman-child: the rest of your life is in front of you.

    i do so appreciate and love that you present the world to me, to us all, through your eyes, where you capture the beauty and joy of life....
    thank you.

    1. I do very much so appreciate YOU, Marie! That you come here, that you read, that you comment, and support.
      You are such a gift.

  2. happy birthday beautiful you....
    and it's only just begun
    wait till you hit your thirties
    oh yeah
    watch out!!!

    that ice-cream looks yum yum yummy!

    love and light

    1. Oh man, I'm not ready.
      So so so not ready.

      I'm not sure there's any way to prepare... wrinkle cream maybe?... I see some lines that would desperately like to be crows feet.
      Hahaha, I guess I just hold my breath and drive right in- after all, there's really no choice. :)

    2. no there is no choice....
      but really what choice would you want to make
      to stay in the same place forever
      or move ahead into the land of adventure,self discovery and freedom?
      I guess there is a choice ; )

      there is nothing to fear young one.....

      love and light