Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ode to the starry desert skies.

If you have ever seen the desert skies on a perfectly pitch black night you have seen one of the most incredible skies in the world.
The universe completely dusted in glitter.
Shooting stars and satellites.
The desert sky so revealing.

This ring is an ode to that.
Each tiny star torched and hammered flat- soldered to the saddle.
My makers mark proves it's an original.
A sweet slice of turquoise moon.


  1. i love stars.
    i love these stars.
    and that turquoise moon.
    all that.


  2. I've seen that sky. I've counted those stars. I want to swing on that turquoise moon.
    Oh, how the desert makes me cry. Cuz, I miss it so.
    That ring is hot hot hot!!!!

  3. Thank you all! That sky, she is a beautiful place to get lost.