Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Raspberries are dirt cheap and the mornings are cool.  That's about all it takes.

...Small feasts on dark chocolate help too. 

My hands are dirty and I'm mowing down new ideas everyday. There's a full sketch book in my lap as my heart-fire for metal burns through 'til morning. My shops are calling. My wholesale line is calling. My dreams are calling.
And man, does it feel good to answer.


  1. Beautiful. The hand necklace is just what I have been needing. Can't wait. Great work!

  2. Blood, sweat, tears and major kicking-of-butts, you've *earned* this success. I'm so glad for you!

  3. Love what you're doing with those little turquoise beads!!!
    All of what I'm seeing lately emerging from your studio is incredible.
    Like a river. Sometimes a trickle, other times like whitewater. And right now, Ash, it's gushing and overflowing!! Way to go.