Saturday, March 1, 2014

There's something about the rain.
How many times have you heard me say this here?
There's something about the rain that I just love.
I love seeing it, hearing it, the mood it puts me in, the dark light it pushes through my windows.
I always feel like I could accomplish anything when it rains.
I could be in my studio for the rest of the day- watching out the window- working my hands into stiffness- turning every piece of creative heart into metal form.
Surely it makes no sense that I live in the desert... but it does seem to make the sound just that much sweeter.

We've been waiting all week for rain. For this storm from California to hit.
Austin has been giving me a timeline of when we would actually see it.
He knows how excited I am.
Knowing I could sit outside for hours, quietly listening. Indy usually there with me.
I really should be living in the PNW.
I'm working on that. 

A very safe and happy weekend to all of you. I'm sure many people are worried that this same storm will be covering them in thick blankets of hindering snow. Hunker down, grab your best blanket, coffee, and a book... your pup or your kitty...this storm is coming, baby.
The first drips just started singing here... the birds are already trying to take baths. 


  1. That's so true, weather comes whether we like it or not and we can choose to embrace it or reject it. It's easier just to go with it!

  2. when i was a child, i would wait outdoors or on the glassed-in porch, waiting for thunderstorms to arrive in the skies of southern illinois.
    so glad we are alike in this….
    and, how sweet, austin predicting the arrival, just for his sweetie….

  3. I pace like a caged wild thing when a storm comes. Eager to be out in it, a part of it. Glad you feel it too.

  4. Rain here today too!! Woohoo! Only a little, but enough to make me smile!
    Enjoy that rain, that feeling it brings. Funny how something as simple as rain in the desert gets us so excited! xx

  5. ♥♥&heearts;

    snow here today..woke up to a winter wonderland...ahhhhh how I love it when this happens
    BUT it will be gone by the end of the day as the rains took over in the late morning and are washing all the precious snow away...that is the way it is here....I miss my winters of the north....

    you can have some of our rain friend : )

    love and light

  6. When the Cali storm reached my Wyoming prairie, your rain turned into snow. A big slushy foot of it. Then, just like that, the sun, that warmth, came out and melted it into mini ponds all over town. Get yer Bogs on!
    One thing I will never, ever forget when I lived in Tucson, is how delicious the desert smells after a rain.
    I see you out there, little bird, breathing in the best scent that ever was!