Monday, March 31, 2014

Some days the universe pulls you in and offers a light across your eyes.

Some days that light is soft and draping. A wrapping light of shelter. A light that widens your eyes, your view, your mind.

Other days, that light is forceful. Bright. A light that pulls on you so harshly that you find yourself squinting. A light that tightens the ribbons of your stomach. That pulls on the muscle of your hands and bones to a fist.  
A demanding.

It speaks with reason, with each letter tied taut like rope. 
It breathes of what it has touched.
And it fills you.
Every space.
Your marrow.
Your mind.

...but light is reflective.
It can bounce, it can move.
It can shape-shift.

You are the mirror.
Your mind is the mirror.
Your heart is the mirror.

Pull the light in.
Swallow it whole.
Breathe it out.

You have a choice to let that light be a lesson, or to let that light blind you.
Hinder you.
Hold you.

And that's the key.

That is the key.



Reflecting light.

Against the Grain will be featured in this months issue of Samata Magazine!  I am crazy excited!
And how beautiful does it all look in there? Sigh...
I believe you can grab yourself a copy at Barnes and Nobel.

Crazy beautiful, crazy exhausting.

3 Days.
26 Miles.
30+ lb. packs.

Abs of steal.


Show things.
Tempe Festival of the Arts was SPEC.TAC.U.LAR.
I didn't take many shots beforehand because I was running busy-bee-style, but here are some- and a few more will be posted soon- now that it's over and I can slow down a bit.



And last, but very obviously not least...
I have been both nominated and chosen as a finalist for this years, Phoenix New Times, 2014 Big Brain Awards!
The announcement made for the most exciting Wednesday of my life!!! Seriously.

More news on that to follow!

In closing... I am so incredibly grateful.

I am grateful for everything posted here, above.
For you and your amazingly kind words, thoughts, presence.
For the ability to bring my dreams to fruition.
For the ability to shine a positive light.

For the possibly that I may be able to help others reflect that of the same.

Shine bright.
You are here.


  1. i am feeling that light, ash….and let me tell ya'….i'm enjoying the effects of breathing it in, breathing it out….FLYing in that light….

    wow. the awards of being published AND being chosen for a big brain. you'll need more than abs of steel to carry around that big brain. [~wink] shoulders of steel??

    love you. love your work. love the light you spread around.


    1. It has been quite an amazing start to 2014.
      I feel so incredibly full of good things.

      so glad to have you here.

  2. Yeah, girl! That backpacking trip has me DROOLING. Oh, I need some of that in my life...come on summer! Your positivity is really shining through, and such beautiful new perfectly against the grain pieces. XO!!

    1. Beautiful, isn't it?
      I couldn't stop saying "wow, are you kidding me!?" Every corner as unbelievable as the next.
      There are so many times I am just in complete and utter awe of the world and how it can just sit there so quietly beautiful.

      I just want to tell you how much it means to me when I see your words here, Annie.
      More than you know. I am so thankful.

      Thank you for your kindness

  3. Fantastic! So happy for you and all the good things coming your way!

  4. Yay! All of it!
    I wish I had something more profound to say than "yay" but there it is.
    Keep rockin' lovely.

  5. I'm just now getting around to viewing your Havasupai pictures!! It's a wonderland, no doubt! That turquoise water rushing through terra cotta canyons, holy cow.
    I need to go see it for myself! You know I've been wanting to. Thank you for these breath taking images.
    And what Marie said. Exactly what she said.
    The joy, determination and intention that FLYs out of you is infectious.
    Love what you're doing.