Sunday, February 2, 2014

All of this has been happening.
I'm in love with 2014.
I'm in love with my job.

I woke to this in my inbox the other day.
From a lovely little bride named Amber.

Photograph by Renaissance Studios
Amber gave herself, and all of her bridesmaids, my tiny copper arrow ring as a gift for being apart of her wedding. 
And how fun is the photo!? All thanks to you Amber, I'm sure it was a beautiful and magical day. Thank you for trusting me with such an important duty. You completely made my day.


Last weekend, I kissed a giraffe.

Ooook ok, and and camel name Humphry.
...frenchy style.

And I smiled about it for the next three days.

Be well, birds.
I sure am.


  1. Love it! All of it! Especially the creature kisses. 2014 is loving you right back.

  2. Oh wow. I've always wanted to kiss a camel.
    That is preciousness, I tell ya.

    1. I was dyyyying to kiss a giraffe. Austin even gave me his celery stick so I could get a second one :) The camel had much better breath, haha