Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I lost my voice late Friday night after Crafeteria.
I'm just now able to talk... 
I sound like a mix between a 90 year old woman and a mouse, but I'm counting it.

I'm really just so tired of being sick.
I haven't put a full work out in- in about 2 weeks. My lima bean arm muscles certainly aren't lying about that.
Working at the bench to fulfill orders has been rough.
I'm waking up super late (yea yea, so almost anything is late compared to 4:45, but still).
I don't like it.

However, last night Austin baked snickerdoodles.
And he did a darn good job, too.

This morning I'm enjoying two with my cup of coffee.
(Being sick is a good excuse to scramble up your dietary needs, right?)

Stay healthy Birds, it's cold out there.


  1. Cookies are the best medicine. Be well. xx

  2. When I'm sick, C fetches me some KFC. He knows what cheers me up!
    Glad you're feeling better. x

    1. Oohh, you're like to me- I like to eat when I'm sick. :) xo

  3. be well....and listen to your body: it knew it needed snickerdoodles for breakfast.

  4. I do hope you feel well soon. Serve yourself up another snickerdoodle, fellow 4:45'er.

  5. get better soon lovely!

    love and light