Monday, December 2, 2013

I am super duper duper wooper excited for this years Crafeteria!

It is 100% my most favorite show to participate in every year- due to the amazing amount of local handmade goodness- all made by ladies and gents much like myself.
Hardworking, humble artist with great product!  Many who I am very thankful to call my friends.

I don't know how Frances does it, but they sure do know how to throw a spectacular event.

Today I loaded up the shop with some goodness.
It will be there until I once again put my shop on vacation to participate for previously talked about event above (Friday). Anything that sells, will get cut. That being said- today's your day!!!

If you don't see it there, feel free to send me a message- I may just still have it!
Everything listed is ready to ship (with the exception of the mind over matter ring and the crossed arrow ring- both made to order).

And if you're in Arizona, I would definitely make it a point to check out this event.
It happens every first Friday of December- and it's always fan-freaking-tastic-amazing-stupendous-blahblah, and a bag of chips.


  1. Haha! What kind of chips? Jalapeño? :)
    Have yourself a TIME bird babe. Sell lots, mingle more and sing all about it when you get back to this blog nest of yours.
    I sigh at everything I see up there.
    Seriously, your ideas & hands & heart are blowing me away.

  2. Your work is beautiful, inspired, and just plain awesome to look at. Best of luck at the Crafeteria!