Thursday, October 10, 2013

It. Finally. Happened.

Yes, the mallow made it to the mountain.

I wasn't so sure it was going to happen, but Austin laced her up some new shoes, cleaned her guts a little, and we hooked her up for the first sleepover in the woods.

She's so cute there, in the woods, under her tree.
So darn cute.

Camping-breakfast has never been so delightful.
Me and him and her.
Two dogs and a bowl full of eggs.
It was absolute, heart-filling, excellence.

I spent some time at the table after breakfast, after we walked the dogs, and prepped some beauties for future rolling. I love walking other places, looking at what the world has to offer there. What flowers, and trees, and weeds are producing in perfect repetition. The symmetrical song of it all. The potential it all has to be something else.

Enjoying time.
Enjoying views.
Enjoying solitude.
Enjoying one another.
That's why we wanted this trip. That's at least why I wanted this trip.

I love silence.
Sometimes I feel like that's a really strange thing... but I do, I love it. I love road noise, I love the chirps and creeks and flutters.. the sound of the world around me. That's what I mean by silence. Peace. Natural noise.

And I love sharing that noise, or the lack there of, with him.
If I had to hear something, I'd chose for it to be his voice, Frankie's demonic yoddle yawns, or Indy's squeaky stretches.
My family.
My hearts.
Because even now, in the silence of my living room, I can hear their quite lives.
And that's what I need.
All I need.

...and sometimes a marshmallow and a beer.
Sometimes there is that. 

Weekend perfection.


  1. Love the pics! My fave is the one of Indy in the doorway lol.<3

  2. love love love
    oh camping how I love the
    oh and the marshmallow!!??!! swooooon
    so so very cute indeed!!! how coudl breakfast not be just that much better in the marshmallow???!!!
    and do mine eyes deceive me, or is that a Canadian beer featured in this tutorial?
    drinking the good stuff!

    ha ha

    these are the days....

    love and light

    1. It was just.. the BEST.
      And that beer, oh yes, the good stuff :)

  3. Oh, these photos. I'm so glad that the trip was what you needed it to be. I'm with you on the silence bit, sometimes all I need is the lap of water against rocks, the clatter of leaves in the breeze, the trumpet of Sandhill Cranes. It's so very good for the soul.
    Glad you had a great time.

    1. Thank you, love.
      That water noise... that is the best.

  4. "The potential it all has to be something else." That's such a lovely way to look at it. And especially for you, who uses the offerings of weeds and flowers for your silvery ideas.
    This post is my favorite one youve penned.
    All these things in nature speak to me. Creeks and breeze and woodpecker calls.
    Kitty yawns. ;)
    Marshmallow is looking cuter than ever! She's the BEST, I tell ya.
    Looks like a magical spot to get away. Sigh.....( dear az how I miss you )
    Your title tennies and rolled up jeans. Darling!!
    Thanks for sharing this trip with us.

    1. I'm so excited for these silvery goodies. No matter if it's a weed, I think a lot of weeds are very beautiful. The symmetry, Lynn!! It kills me.
      You'll have your AZ one day. I know you will.


  5. I don't think I could be any more in love with your little 'mallow ❤ It's something I've been dreaming about for our little family for many years.

    Just a tiny nomadic home out in the wilds... that beautiful silence, like you said. mmmmmm....

    thank you for sharing this beautiful trip with us.

    1. It is... I always say, "It's my home where ever I want it to be."
      I love saying that :)

  6. love that wee little marshmallow!!

    [love ALL the shots, really....]

    1. I love the wee-mallow, too.
      More than I even thought I would.
      We had a squirrel in the tree about half a foot out the window- what could be more fun?

  7. That is just about the most heart-warming post on earth. xoxoxox