Sunday, September 22, 2013

I think my allergies have allergies.
I'm a mess over here, birds.
Itching and sneezing.
Holy moly.

It happens every year.
I would say maybe it is a fall allergy, but who am I kidding? The desert doesn't know what fall is. We're still rockin' 100+ and sweating our buns off.

My little lady, Frankie, is going to be helping out the news today.
We have a dog park with a "lake" and she will be wearing a go-pro video camera and swimming for some footage. I'm not quite positive how that will go. I'm not quite sure how interesting of a story that will make. I'm seeing a rockstar, but I'm also seeing a complete freakshow.
I'm hoping they'll post the video online for us.
I'll come back and share it with you all.

We got little Miss Marshmellow some new shoes last week, along with some new bearings. She is now, "road ready." Although her insides still look like a dazed hippy, I think we will be planning a little trip up to Sedona next month to have a trailer warming party.
She still smells... old.
I'm kind of worried about that.

I'm so excited for winter to come... I'm so excited for the hustle and bustle that will be Christmas, and holiday shows, and custom orders. I'm so excited for more family time. For gifting big bones to the dogs. For loving on some hot tea and coffee and bundling into a blanket mountain on my couch. Blanket couch barnacle. That's what I'll be. Hugging on Indy, who half the time needs to wear some kind of little sweater in the winter... and pulling Frank in like it's her job to slump over me to keep me toasty. I love the snuggle of winter. I'm not sure I love anything more than that. (I can hear you all laughing right now. Me claiming the cold in the desert winter. You, in your snow blankets, in your icy fingertips, in your red kissed noses.) I know, it's much different... but when your body is adjusted to 115.. 40 degrees is a lot different also.

River rocks.
Skimmed from the banks.
Pocketed like gold.
Set in silver.
Turquoise for my kinda glitz.
My kind of talisman.
My river runner heart.
My caged perfection.
...and a 27" chain to wear them close.
To wear layered.
To wear in minimal solidtude.

I'm on a kick and it's time for some coffee.
Wishing you a beautiful end to your weekend.
Wishing you fall snuggles and warm animal coach potatoes.
Dreaming in fall colors.


  1. wow.
    you're quite busy!!

    love me a river rock encaged in silver....

  2. Really REALLY cool, those charcoal rocks and a turquoise bling! I can see one hanging from Foxy's neck, as she snowshoes up coyote hill.
    I've got allergies too. I'm allergic to sage, but I've got it all around my house. I devour it. I love it so much. I don't care.
    I like the smell of old. You don't? My silver moonbeam has that familiar old antiquey scent, which is one of my favorite things about stepping inside her. Every time. I'd like to bottle it up and bring that old smell home. Maybe marshmallow doesn't quite smell like THAT old?
    Winter in the desert is ccccold. I know whatcha mean.
    I'm not a big fan of winter, although I pretend to like it, when I hear all the stories about pretty white flakes and warm woolen mittens and laughing in the snow...
    I force myself to be happy in it, even tho my fingers turn blue and no amount of blankets seem to work. I'm getting an electric blanket this year. Shh...don't tell anybody. Hehe. ;)
    Love you, little Asley Weber xo

    1. This is definitely NOT the same "old" smell... trust you me!
      I'll chop a little piece off and send it your way for some sniffin', haha- those walls, I'm tryin to think of how I can deodorize them for the time being until we replace them.
      Love those snowflakes WILL YOU! :)
      Electric blanket it up, I think that sounds amazing, my little cactus friend.

  3. Shall I send you a pair of flannel lined jeans for those chilly winter eves? (snicker, snicker....)
    I thought of all my rock-loving comrades whilst on the shores of Lake Superior these past few days. Love what you've done with them here.

  4. Oh! And I thought of you last night. I had just gotten home from a little solo trip, and walked the goats home on our little country road. Lots of laughs.

    1. Oh my Gawd! Those goats! My heart! I start laughing just thinking about it!
      Have you seen this? it may be where my silly love for goats began... think my friends would let me do that?

  5. Even better! I can't wait to see them in your shop. Ahhh.