Thursday, June 20, 2013

I love those days when you wake up and the world is at your finger tips.
When things may go wrong, but they simply have no effect.
When happy, beams off of your face with the sunlight that could grow 100 wild poppies.
When you're content.
When you feel peace.
When everything around you just feels right.

I love the days where you can sit with a perfect cup of black coffee and just dream.
The days when you wake up to sweet messages from customers or friends who just want to let you know that they're thinking of you.
I love the days when you have no doubts, when you feel like you know your purpose.
Where finding mistakes and flaws just inspires you to do better, to push harder, to grow taller.

I love the days that I can share my life with others.
When I can hear the excitement in their voices and see the energy in there eyes.
I love when the people on this planet around me actually feel like they're on my team, like were going through this together, like I have one thousand sisters and brothers by my side.

I love this world.
I truly do.

How can you see these succulents, the trees, the fields...
How can you look at snow capped mountains with blue ridges or fields of gold swaying in the breezes...
How can you look up at a rain cloud, down at a river, around at the life (and death), the creation...
How can you see all of these things and not be totally blown away, totally in love, so completely thankful for the mere fact that you get to bear witness to such a fantastically gorgeous earth even if only for a minute?

Today is that day.
Today is fantastic.
Today is another day that I get to bask in the gift of simply being here.
Today I am so very thankful.

And today, I hope the same feelings onto you.


 Direction of your dreams ring.
...and quite shockingly, my very first cigar-band ring. How!?

I came across this quote the other day:
"Write your mistakes in the sand, and your successes in stone."
It's perfect. That's completely what this series is about. 

She sold this morning. 
My heart is full.

xo- A


  1. I call those days...days of the soul
    oh how precious they are

    the ring is simplistic beauty, strong and delicate
    not surprised someone already claimed her!

    love and light

  2. You said it sister.
    I love those days too. But, I forget how juicy life is, as I hustle around at work, taking care of business, forgetting to smell the coffee as I scurry around with arm loads of books.
    I will remind myself of what you said...all the reasons why. I am thankful today.
    Aren't arrows the coolest?
    The ones on this ring...they say so much.
    >>- - - - > xx

    1. Less work, more juice ;)
      Yes and I'm really contemplating making the opposite pointing arrows my new makers mark... it goes along quite well with "against the grain" I feel.

  3. i'm having a good day, thinking upon you and my other kindred spirit sisters....

    i'm with the red dirt girl:



    1. They really are?
      Why are they so great?
      Maybe because they're so versatile.
      Little powerful, pointy sticks! ;)

      Loving you Marie!