Saturday, June 1, 2013

A little mix of fun and happenings around the grain studio.

I may have finally made a few more "fly" necklaces (and even managed to get one to the shop).
I just can't get over how beautiful the butterfly wings press into the copper- how the copper glitters- how lovely it looks with the mixed stones.
I wear it with everything. 

A baubley cluster of nature hanging on your neck. Women of the woods. Huntress. Strong, beautiful, flowers growing all around her in a crown of beauty. A cloak of royal forest. She belongs to the woods.

Every part, yum.


  1. i love everything you make.

    just garden'd for four hours and had to stick my "sea" ring in my pocket....
    now i need a little leaf spinner ring for when i go dig in the dirt and hand-water my giant garden....


    1. The leaf spinner is my personal favorite- wear one everyday :)
      You will not regret it!
      I tried to do some extra gardening today, but once it hit the triple digits I just couldn't hang.. shoot a little cool breeze my way, would ya?

    2. yes: sending some cool air on the jetstream....hope it arrives!

  2. "swoon"
    I LOVE the winged necklace...she belongs in the woods
    oh yes indeed

    love and light

  3. Shoot, there's that wing necklace again...the one I admired and stared at for a full hour one day when I first "met you". Like Foxy, I love everything thing you make. I'm in awe all the time.
    I'm sorry it's so hot there. You are welcome to sit under my aspen trees with me. On average, it's 75 degrees. I know, I know....