Sunday, April 28, 2013

You may remember a little post of mine in February, that showed all of my lovely purchases, finds, and complete scores from the Tucson Gem Show.
Well, I'm finally getting around to doing a little more with them.
I love everything that I buy there so much that I tend to hoard them away, afraid to use them.

Remember those amazing African beaded necklaces I got?
They were one of my most favorite purchases of the weekend.
The colors, the strands, the textures, and threads... oh man, if only you could see them in person. They're just so beautiful.

I knew when I bought them that I would want to make a few smaller strands with them.
Bring them a new life, give them new homes, gift them to others, but try to keep that same intention- that look- and the color changes that they originally came as.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with every photo I got of them.
None were showing size and color quite the way they look in person, they really look so much more rich... (and so much less like a child just sitting around beading at the kitchen table).

...but I love that they remind me of this:

I beaded this pot a few years back. It took a hanger (or 2) lots of 30g brass wire, thousands of tiny seed beads, and a ton of patience. A true labor of love, which turned out to be a really big love.
Beading these little bracelets last night really gave me the urge to make another, larger one.

I truly hope you're having a beautiful end to your few days of rest, little chickadees. 
There's a lot going on here in my neck of the woods, and there's a race to get all of it done before the triple digits hit us.
Pictures to follow soon.

Stay vibrant.


  1. nonetheless, the beads are quite wonderful and so very colourful....!
    looking forward to what you create with them.

    1. You may be seeing them up close and personal very soon ;)

  2. the beads are gorgeous
    and the beaded pot....swoon!!!

    love and light

  3. Really dig the African beads. And that pot! Seriously?? You might "make" another one? It's incredible. Truly. Wow Ash, you must have a whole lotta patience and nimble little fingers!
    If you start one, give us progress reports. Can't wait to see what colors you might choose. :)

    1. Thank you thank you!
      Unfortunately, lately I am seeing my work take a toll on my hands-- but I work every day to try to keep them nimble and young-- I couldn't imagine not having them work- to follow my mind- i have to treat them with care.
      I will surely keep you updated my friend!