Monday, April 22, 2013

This weekend we nested ourselves in the wild for a bit.
Tucked in and backed up to a running creek.
Pine trees, fires, & sweatshirts.
Naps in a hammock over the water with my fuzzy pup.

A perfect escape from the 90 degree desert.


  1. i'll gladly send you some of our remaining snow to cool you off....and get it out of our yard!


    1. Oh yes! I will have the boy get on the roof and sprinkle it down on me!

  2. And when Foxy's done shoveling her snow and sending it your way, another shipment from my yard will promptly follow!
    That camp looks like my kind of place. Even the place you escaped from, the 90 degrees, sounds like heaven to me right now. I adore, ADORE Arizona!!! Assuming that's where you camped.
    It's sunny here today, so I'll stop complaining. ;)

    1. I will lay it on the driveway and quickly try to make a snow angle before it boils away!
      The camp was beautiful (Washington Park just outside of Payson.)

      Soak up that sun, my dear!! ..but send a cloud or two... or maybe a cool breeze my way! :) I will gladly accept.

  3. lol
    you girls crack me up...I'll take some of that snow too please!
    oh how I love to camp and these images are making my mouth water!!!
    so lovely
    the healing that goes on out in the woods is so good
    I love it there

    love and light