Friday, March 29, 2013

The other day I got stung by a bee for the first time.
Besides a small bruise and the sudden urge to eat honey- it hurt and I survived.

It's getting down to the wire here. Tempe Festival of the Arts is exactly a week away and I'm feeling nowhere close to being ready. Whenever I start to feel hard pressed, I procrastinate... but I do it in a different way.
Today's procrastination came in the form of bangles.

These two to be exact:

When I procrastinate, I'm actually usually still doing something... it's just not at all what I really should be doing. I should be making a massive amount of earrings. In place of the number massive, I've made two of something else. See how this is a problem?
Two vs. massive.
Massive > two.
Yeah, and now I'm procrastinating further by trying to explain my earlier procrastination to you.

I do have to say that I love them though. They have a really really great weight to them.. and together? Oh man.. it's sensational.

It's beginning to look like my snarky pants will be on all weekend. I hope Austin can handle it.


  1. Beautiful work! I wanted to ask you if you will be bringing any "602" necklaces to the show? My friend saw them at the Union and but she would prefer to buy from you directly than through wholesale.

    1. Thank you Lauren!

      Yes, I actually just got done making a handful of 602's for the show and will have them with me there! Thanks for turning your friends onto my work and for always leaving such nice comments!


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